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Dogging is a UK euphemism for taking part in sexual acts in public places, for example in car parks, cinemas, beaches or woodland. Doggers either have the action or watch others doing it. Occasionally, there are more than two sexual partners, so becoming a gang bang! Watching is actively encouraged, and therefore voyeurism and exhibitionism are closely attached to dogging.

The two sets of people involved often meet either randomly or arrange to meet on Dogging Doggers. The 'new' dogging craze came to public attention in 2003 when the BBC broadcast details of how people were using the internet and texting to arrange Dogging meets. Dogging was originally spying on couples having rompy pompy in a car or public place. Dogging began to attract much media attention, so that it has become difficult for doggers to have fun at a known dogging site without being surrounded by a circle of men.

British doggers have spread the word around the world and now dogging is growing in other countries too. On Dogging Doggers you can find a dogger in our dogger bank of members who are all looking for doggers photos of doggers uncovered. You can shorten the word to doggin, or to dogin. Some people also spell it as doging or even dooging. But however you spell it, you can be sure that in car parks around Britain there is a UK dogger being watched by UK doggers having some carfun tonight.

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